Patch Notes 09.29.2014

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Installer / Launcher
- New Launcher removes the second log in and allows the player to select the War or Peace server at the game screen.

The latest installer is here

- Improved cart collision so that players can carry carts up ramps and in tighter situations. This collision does allow the cart to go through walls, but this is a trade off.
- Object placement on buildings revised, taking into account multiple story construction and improved placement on ramps.

- Mason 8x8 Brick Roof improved with extended eaves.
- Pioneer 8x8 Roof improved with gable windows.
- Saved recipes count uses from first use without having to reload the recipe from your cookbook.
- Bins can no longer be used from the action bar (to prevent problems).

Bug Fixes
- Issue sometimes causing crashes during architecture panel search fixed.
- Stat use display corrected to load when a player enters instead of the first use.
- Food at 0 duration should not display as ‘broken’.
- Issue causing rapid jump skill uses when stuck in a waterfall fixed.
- Problems with dragging bundle objects between carts, back and architecture projects causing incorrect numbers fixed.
- Players can no longer craft bins in other tribe lands.
- Cart trading double checks at final accept to prevent losing carts attached during a trade.

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