Patch Notes 10.16.2014

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Free Tribe and Construction Evaluation
- Trial players can start a tribe charter and tribe (homestead only).
- Trial players can terraform and build (on their homestead).
- Trial player buildings removed when the evaluation time expires.
- Trial player buildings removed if they abandon their tribe.
- Pop up messages warn trial players that their tribe will expire.
- Trial players cannot invite members to their tribe
- Trial players skills limited to 30

Tribe evaluation time set to 7 days once a homestead is placed.

- Crops on public (abandoned) land are removed with terrain reversion.
- Grass regrows over time.
- Tree resources are now available on dirt and grass near trees.
- Tree resources allow 4 of each resource type to be gathered per tile.
- Tree resource counts reset over time.
- Forest tiles do not change to dirt when tree resources are depleted.

- Improved server start up time.

- Architecture scheme skill levels revised.
- Architecture panel resets properly.
- Container panels no longer save as open when logging off and back in.

Bug Fixes
- Potential error swapping two non stacking items of the same type fixed.
- Potential error dragging empty bins in your pack recently grabbed from carts fixed.
- Fixed check for free slots that was counting cart slots.
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