Xsyon Debuts on Steam Greenlight!

Rating: 3 votes, 3.67 average.
Xsyon is now available on Steam Greenlight!

If you are a Steam user, please log in and Vote so that Xsyon can be fully launched on Steam. If you are not a Steam user, please sign up to help us get the Green Light. Mark Xsyon as a Favorite to give us an extra boost!
With Steam we are hoping to reach out to a much wider audience and fill the world of Xsyon.

Let's get the Green Light!

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  1. KeithStone's Avatar
    Xsyon is a great sandbox mmorpg, I would love to see this game make it on Steam Greenlight. If you haven't voted yet please go vote, more players means more development funds!
  2. Sandman's Avatar
    I have voted for this to go Green on Steam and added to my favorites. I also am spreading the word to friends in real life and in other gaming communities.

    On a side note, KeithStone long time buddy you were part of the old Apache yes?
  3. chillguy's Avatar
    I think some in game reward for voting on steam can make it popular lol