Developer Update 12.08.2014 - Important Announcement

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Important Announcement

Starting today, Monday December 8, Xsyon will no longer support ‘Free to Play’ for new players.

As previously noted:

After careful consideration it is clear that a ‘Free to Play’ introduction to the game is not a viable model for Xsyon.

The typical ‘Free to Play’ model relies on cash shops for items, ‘pay to win’ enhancements or unlocking game features, relying on players who pay high monthly fees to compensate for those who pay little or nothing. These systems do not fit with the vision of Xsyon.

Instead, the ‘Free to Play’ aspect of the game was intended as a trial introduction to the game. This did not function as intended for several reasons including players expecting a more common ‘Free to Play’ model, players joining for free simply to cause disruptions without consequences, paid citizens discouraging free players and new players not feeling vested enough to learn the complexities of a game like Xsyon.

Moving forward we wish to focus on the desires of the vested community. Xsyon will soon launch on Steam as an ‘Early Access’ title. ‘Early Access’ will allow us to better interact with the player community and reflect our intentions to continue to add and improve features and content.

Paid Xsyon citizens will still be able to log in to the game with limited skills without an active subscription in order to allow players to return and try out the latest enhancements.

I thank you all for your support and look forward to working with the player community this year as the game grows and evolves!

Note: News about the free building trial has been removed to avoid confusion.
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  1. wazcool's Avatar
    I wonder what the plans are for Early Access on steam.... will it have a box price? If so, how much? And would a pay to play option be better and get more traction than a sub based mmo? It's a really hard thing to call and I wish Xsyon all the best for deciding on this....
  2. millsdo's Avatar
    I think this is an excellent decision.
  3. newedition04's Avatar
    you know i will come back for my tribe but thats about it as of right now.
  4. Nephilum's Avatar
    Happy to see the game go back to sub. Agree with Millsdo, Excellent Decision! Now its time to clean up the neighborhood. :)
  5. RosenBlod's Avatar
    When I started, there were trial server with weekly resets. Being a "sandbox of a sandbox", I enjoyed that experience, which gave me the bloodlust needed to sub. I since learned that before then, there were no trial, and the game was for subscription only. Something must have worked to bring the game up and running, even if it didn't cater to free players.
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