Patch Notes 12.22.2014

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Minor Improvement and Bug Fix Patch

- Creatures display only health bars. Players display both health and energy bars.
- Terraforming and Farming (plow) actions can be added to and used from the action bar.
- Tribe ranks display next to the tribe name for your selected tribe members.
- Tribe info for characters updates right away when joining or leaving a tribe.
- Tool tip on recipes displays required base recipes (for Artisan and Master recipes).
- Failure to learn recipe display all unmet requirements.

Bug Fixes
- Using level up to increase multiple skills in one group now works as intended.
- All resource gathering uses the appropriate skill to determine the time taken to gather.
- Buckets and waterskins decay when watering plants.
- Health bar display for dead creatures properly removed when creatures are removed.
- Problems when splitting one stack to merge with another fixed.
- - and = hot keys on the action bar should work correctly.
- Typos corrected.

- Selection code streamlined.
- Old unnecessary data cleaned up.

Full Creature Migration Run
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