Developer Update 12.23.2014

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

It's going to be a very busy next few weeks!

The big news is our pending launch on Steam. Xsyon will be available on Steam as an Early Access game starting next week!

Although we waited a while to launch on Steam while testing multiple servers and reworking a lot of the server back end over the past year, I feel it's a good time to finally open up Xsyon to the Steam community. The Early Access program is ideal for Xsyon in its current phase and we welcome working with the upcoming Steam players to build up the Xsyon player base and continue developing the game.

Next up, the In Development section has been revised. The plans are tentative but give an overall idea of where we're headed next. We'll keep making minor improvements based on suggestions and fixing problems along the way.

We're starting off with a major push to improve creatures and combat. Please join us in the ongoing Feedback Session

Creatures are going to be improved and balanced step by step and new features including pets, mounts and ranged combat will be added during this major phase.

Looking forward to this next phase of Xsyon!

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