Patch Notes 05.02.2012

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Server side IOCP system for improved connectivity and command processing.

Per player position thread to reduce combat lag
Creatures can attack in water (animations not implemented)

Skill tracker working
All skills revised for balanced use of all stats
Terraforming moved to the resources group
Wainwright moved to the construction skill group
Schemes can be gained beyond skill 100
Unlearn based on current skill level (you can unlearn auto learn recipes if your skill has dropped)
Schemes can be gained on level up
Working skill soft cap
Skill balancing reduction after gains beyond soft cap
Action skills not soft capped
Construction not soft capped
Balanced decay on least used 4 skills
Skill decay regards skillsset to minus as a ‘least used’ skill with 0 recent usesSkill locking system
-Normal: skill can increase or decrease
-Minus: skill locked for decay only. Stats will not gain when using this
-Locked: Can’t change. Stats will gain when using this skill
-Plus: Can increase only. Stats will gain when using this skill
-2 skills can be locked
Skill recent use count displayed as a tooltip on skill locks

Stats can be adjusted through a stat adjustment panel up to four times. This may be reduced to less times for now and we will increase the count every time we make significant changes such as adding more skills.
Agility bonuses affect movement speed.
Current energy affects movement speed.
Surface effect on movement speed adjusted.
Running and swimming skills affect movement speed.
Agility affects combat speed (including bonuses)
Base movement increased
Max movement increased
Strength including bonuses affects encumbrance
Encumbrance minimum increased
Encumbrance maximum increased
Stat gain on all skill actions unless locked to 'minus'
Minor fixes to the stat panel display
Balanced decay on least used 4 stats
Stats above normal display as green in stat panel

Health based on stats and skills
Health (hit points) shows as a value on hover

Gained per action not skill gain
Stats can be gained through the level up panel for skills that are increased using experience points as ifthose skill were actually used

Quest expiration in game days
Expired quest removes quest from questor and must be collected by the creator
Quest time limit in game days
Quests over time limit are removed from questor but can be accepted by another player
Quest item quality setting
Craft and hunt quest require you to craft and hunt the delivered goal items
View and drop quests from Tribe Quest Panel
Improved quest panels
Quests show tribe and creator
Quests give experience based on
-Type of quest
-Difficulty of item
-Amount of item
-Quality of item
-Distance between tribes
Experience for both questor and creator

Scroll bar
Fixed scroll bars for all panels
Town member scroll bar
Town rank scroll bar

New interface panel art implemented (in progress)
Walk mode default key bindset to G
Chat reply default key bindset to R

Pressing R allows automatic reply to last whisper
Whispers show more clear who you are whispering to receiving a whisper from
Chat panel background darkened slightly

Hunted items give bonus based on power of creature killed
Materialitems display possible bonus in tooltip
Mergingstacks should properly balance bonus power (for hunted items). Quality and duration should also balance as usual
Splitting and merging stacks should properly balance bonus power, quality and duration.

Confirm menu on abandoning tribe.
Players must collect quests before abandoning a tribe.
Quest for a deleted or removed character are deleted.

Scrap surface requires clearing before paving or terraforming.

Long text message rendering fixed
Npc removal crash fixed
Tribe names can accept spaces.

List of skill and stat associations (including skills planned for the near future):

Fishing: Dexterity Intelligence
Hunting: Agility Dexterity
Logging: Strength Agility
Terraforming: Fortitude Strength
Scavenging: Charm Perception
Forestry: Spirit Charm
Foraging: Intelligence Spirit
Resources: Perception Fortitude

Unarmed: Strength Agility
Armed: Strength Dexterity
Parry: Agility Intelligence
Dual Wield: Agility Perception (Future Skill)
Block: Fortitude Strength (Future Skill)
Resist: Fortitude Spirit (Future Skill)
Throw: Dexterity Charm (Future Skill)
Archery: Dexterity Perception (Future Skill)

Axes: Strength Fortitude
Blades: Agility Dexterity
Clubs: Strength Fortitude
Picks: Fortitude Strength
Poles: Fortitude Strength (Future Skill)
Staves: Agility Spirit (Future Skill)
Bows: Dexterity Perception (Future Skill)
Spears: Dexterity Charm (Future Skill)

Basketry: Agility Spirit
Bonecraft: Fortitude Charm
Leathercraft: Strength Perception
Tailoring: Dexterity Agility
ToolCraft: Intelligence Fortitude
Weaponcraft: Perception Strength
FireBuilding: Spirit Intelligence
TalismanCraft: Charm Dexterity (Future Skill)
Masonry: Fortitude Charm
Woodcraft: Agility Spirit
Scrapcraft: Perception Strength (Future Skill)
Bowcraft: Dexterity Intelligence (Future Skill)

Architecture Intelligence Spirit
Wainwright Dexterity Strength

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