Xsyon's 2015 Event Season Commences!

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Tomorrow evening we're kicking off Xsyon's event season with the ever popular treasure hunt!

This season includes maze running, navigation challenges, timed battles, a Valentine's day event and a fortress building capture the flag tournament. We've spread out events during the week and weekend and at different times this season to accommodate players in various time zones. Events are planned through the end of February with more to come.

Check out the full schedule here.

Come join in the fun and win some prizes!

*Note: You can adjust the time settings for the Event Calendar by selecting Settings from the top menu, selecting General Settings from the user menu on the left, then scrolling down to Date & Time options. You may use this view the Event Calendar in your local time zone.


  1. RosenBlod's Avatar
    I've always found official Xsyon events to poorly accomodate us europeans.