Developer Update 01.30.2015

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Test Server is open to the public and ready for testing important changes to the construction system. A revised movement panel facilitates proper multi-story construction. Wall parts align to floor edges to allow for more flexible interior walls and style combinations. Newly added settings allow players fine tuned control over initial placement and movement of building parts.

These are quite big changes and I look forward to a boom in construction especially from new players!

For full details and to provide feedback on the changes so far please join in the feedback thread here.

Creature revisions are also in progress, but have not been patched out for testing. The programmer responsible for much of the current AI code has been cleaning up and adjusting the code so that I can complete it with improvements.

Some players have expressed concern with the lack of new players from Steam, but don't be too concerned!

As Xsyon launched in Early Access, we were not afforded any initial visibility aside from showing up in searches. It will take time to build up traffic in Steam which will start with 'visibility rounds' accompanying each major patch and will accelerate when Xsyon runs a discount. This is just the beginning!
Developer Updates