Developer Update 03.03.2015

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The big construction update looks ready to go this week!

I will wait for any final feedback or issue reports tomorrow and if all looks well, the patch will go out Thursday morning. I'm really looking forward to this update. The revised system makes creative multi-story building readily accessible to all players and greatly facilitates new construction and renovation.

The building update will be released in two parts. This first patch will consist of the revised system with several new truss and cantilever parts to get players started. The second patch will bring nearly 100 new parts (set variations of 8-12 new building components).

Some of these parts were created from artwork originally designed to be used as low fences and bridges. Rather than patch those parts as they were designed, I've decided to break them up into components to allow player more flexible and creative use of the parts.

With these updates, players will finally be able to build bridges across granite gorges and deep rivers.

I've already seen some interesting structures built on the Test Server that would be impossible using past trick methods. It's looking great and I'm very excited to see how this update evolves Xsyon!

If you have any last minute feedback or problems to report, please do so on the discussion thread here

In addition a few bug fixes will be patched out. If you have the time to help test these fixes, please do so and join in the discussion here

Much thanks to all of you that have helped test and provide feedback on this massive update. I greatly appreciate your help!
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