Patch Notes 03.09.2015

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Massive Architecture Update!

Multistory building
- Architecture system revised to allow for proper multistory construction.
- Revised construction move panel allows for vertical movement.
- Construction move panel allows for turning snap to ground and floors on or off.
- Distance moved per click adjustable between 0.1 and 1.0 meters.
- Architecture parts can be flipped 180 degrees in place.
- Speed of construction ghost movement while holding down arrow buttons increased.
- Initial placement distance can be adjusted through the construction panel.
- Walls align with their center to floor edges for more flexible construction.
- Posts can be centered on the corners of Floor parts.
- Buildings and construction ghosts can be accessed from 16 meters away.
- Architecture parts can be moved and adjusted in air.
- Architecture parts render red, yellow or grey to indicate invalid, pending or valid locations.

- Terraforming near building parts adjusted.
- Construction ghosts no longer block terraforming.
- Completed parts allow for nearby terraforming but prevent dirt touching the structure to be removed or lowered.
- Safety check prevents players from terraforming if they are not standing on ground.

- Buildings can be placed partially sunken into the ground.
- Slope requirement for initial placement removed.
- Vertical limit for building based on skill level (currently 40 meters off ground at 100 skill). This limit may be adjusted.
- Buildings require proper support underneath them to be finalized.
- Dismantling blocked when causing invalid situations (floating building parts).
- Ramps and platforms can be built inside of Trusses.

Building Support Requirements
-Rooms (Individual buildings) support nothing
-Floors: support Rooms, Floors, Posts, Ramps, Platforms
-Walls: support Walls, Posts
-Roofs: support nothing, must be placed on the ground or truss
-Trusses: support Floors, Walls, Roofs, Trusses, Posts, Ramps, Platforms
-Posts: support Floors, Walls, Roofs, Trusses, Posts, Ramps, Platforms
-Ramps: support nothing
-Platforms: support Floors, Walls, Roofs, Trusses, Posts, Ramps, Platforms

- Floors require a central support or all corner support.
- Ramps and platforms require a central support and two corners or four - corner support.
- Posts require direct central support
- Trusses require supports for each post
- All other parts require all corner support

Architecture Rendering
- Scaffolds frames added as building part outlines while buildings are under construction.
- Construction ghost outlines placed in invalid locations render in red.
- Construction ghost outlines in valid locations that require building parts beneath to be completed first render in yellow.
- Construction ghost outlines ready to be finalized render in white / grey.
- Project site scaffolds and ropes do not highlight or select (as they were just getting in the way). These are now purely visual
- Built architecture shows the current position when selected, for tribe members only. This helps builders align building ghosts with existing parts.
- Projects under construction display their current state (Invalid, Pending, Valid) when selected.

Architecture Improvements
- Names for parts revised for more consistent names indicating the size in meters of the parts.

New Architecture Parts
- Construction frame parts added to support floors and multiple levels.
- 4x4 meter trusses for all 7 styles.
- 4x4 meter corner trusses for all 7 styles.
- 8x8 meter trusses for all 7 styles.
- 8x8 meter corner trusses for all 7 styles.
- 4x4 meter cantilever trusses for all 7 styles.
- 4x4 meter corner cantilever trusses for all 7 styles.
- Base posts for all 7 styles.

Note: Base Posts can be used to support a Roof or Truss to create interior spaces of any height.

General Improvements
- Object loading from server further optimized.
- Object LOD system optimized for reduced memory usage.
- Collision, placement and volume mesh systems optimized
- Selection circle for building parts renders at building part base instead of ground.
- Display for Skills and Stats corrected to round down to the nearest 0.1 increment.

Bug Fixes
- Blocked exploits used to place non empty containers inside other containers.
- Allied items for sale properly removed from vendor / trade totems when allied tribes are disbanded or remove items for sale.
- Food moved to containers while being eaten properly updates and removed count or food item.
- Icons for the Bransford armor set corrected.
- Innards adjusted so that they decay (components from innards already were set to decay - innards weren't meant to be a container to prevent this).

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