Patch Notes 04.24.2015

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Architecture Parts Update

New architecture parts
- Floors 2x4 meters
- Floors 8x8 meters
- Decks 2x4 meters
- Ramps 2x2x2 meters
- Railings Type 1 4 meters wide
- Railings Type 1 2 meters wide
- Railings Type 2 4 meters wide
- Railings Type 2 2 meters wide
- Railing Gates 2 meters wide
- Walls 2 meters wide
- Beams 8 meters long
- Cantilevers 4x8 meters

Note: 4x8 Cantilevers are currently very rare and will be available through the upcoming Trading Post feature.

- Flexible beam system allows for placing beams within and spanning trusses to support a variety of parts.
- Gates can be labeled.
- Initial building placement improved.
- Rooms can be placed freely under trusses and roofs.
- Rooms can be support by floors as long as all 4 corners are supported.
- Commissaries display an attached commissary sign. Signs will apply to all future building uses.

Bug Fixes
- You should not gain dirt if the terrain you lower does not change due to buildings in the way or limits.
- Locks and permissions on claimed containers should both now be set to private when first claimed.
- Santa's Big Helper should increase the picks combat skill.
- You should be able to delete a split part of a stack now.
- Tool tips on items in the pack panel when the panel is at the bottom of the screen should now render higher and not render off screen.
- All pioneer log walls now require 3 logs and 12 nails.
- Water barrels now properly check permissions.

- Fix for two potential causes of the infrequent server lock ups.

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