Patch Notes 05.08.2015

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Improvements Patch

New Architecture Parts
Truss 16x16 meters
Beam 16 meters
Beam 8.8 meters (for spanning trusses)
Beam 16.8 meters (for spanning trusses)

- Architecture support checking function heavily optimized. It should be 10 times faster now and should greatly reduce pauses while moving parts around, especially in tribes with many building ghosts.
- Terrain and surface reversion optimized and reversion speed increased.
- Gauge panels optimized to prevent rare crash situations.

- Revised collision for 4x4 trusses supporting beams. This allows 4x4 trusses to function like the 8x8 trusses.
- Locks and permissions set to private by default for all crafted items that require either.
- Proper removal of crafting materials and tools from the crafting window and interruption of crafting if a pouch or pack containing the materials is moved or dropped while crafting.
- Jumping skill gained only when actively jumping, not when falling.
- Clock in Map Panel adjusted to display minutes with a 0 if less than 10 (ex. 7:01 instead of 7:1)
- Skill panel displays skill values with two digits after the decimal.
- Name of grass armors revised (shortened).
- Skills update on every gain even if mouse view mode is on.
- Default materials added to old items without materials.
- Materials for old found leather items fixed.

Bug Fixes
- Permission ID check on bins fixed for some combinations.
- All chalk schemes checked and corrected.
- Tool tips on water skins refresh immediately when actions (fill, empty, drink) are used.
- Scrapper Hanger Roof materials required fixed.
- Crops can be planted correctly along zone boundaries.

- Additional logging added for server lock up situations.

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  1. Kyosa's Avatar
    Amazing patch, thanks a lot :-)
    I love the second decimal place in the skills window :-)