Xsyon's Trade Update Released!

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The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox, Xsyon, keeps rolling out updates!

Earlier this month, we continued to enhance the architecture system with more new parts. The updated featured a new beam system that increases the flexibility of the truss support system and allows for longer spans.

Today a big Trade update was patched out!

This patch features the first of many upcoming building functions, the Trading Post. Players designated Trading Posts to trade with ‘tribes beyond the mist’ to obtain valuable patterns, schemes and blueprints for crafting and building.

This update sets the stage for many upcoming building uses including infirmaries, welcome stations, taverns, craft workshops and toll gates. Along with the current commissaries, trade totems and quest totems, these building types will help players create active town centers to bring together players old and new.

In addition, player tribe run trade totems have been improved with search filters and a global view tab. Players can now search and locate any items for sale across the playable world from the comfort of their own tribe.

Full Patch Notes are here

We're looking forward to increased player interactions and trade with this patch!