Patch Notes 05.25.2015

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Minor Post Trade Patch Update

(edited 05.26.2015)

- Trading Post current items are kept when moving a Trading Post to another building or switching between uses.
- Cart blueprints added to the Trading Post selection.
- Items for sale on in transit Trade Totems (that have been removed but not placed again) do not show up in the Global Sales tab.
- Trading Posts without a selected tribe display a message to select a tribe in the title bar.
- Architecture panel stays sorted when refreshed.

- Building use count properly removed if a building with an assigned use is dismantled while having an active use.
- Scrapper's Hammer (all variants) should properly show durability.
- Homesteads cannot place Trading Posts.

- Additional message logged to track server freeze issues.
- Update function potentially causing server freezes corrected.

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