Developer Update 06.22.2015

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

First off, Xsyon's next featured building use, the Infirmary is ready for final testing. Players can set one of their buildings as an Infirmary to provide a place where injured players can port to and revive, for a fee. Infirmaries are available to all tribes regardless of size and will allow players to revive closer to their 'death' locations.

Full details are posted in the Infirmary Feedback Thread

Next up, the Welcome Station feature will be in final testing this week. The Welcome Station will allow tribes to set up a specific building as a starting point for new players, where they can post a message and apply to join the tribe.

I'm looking forward to the creation of active tribe centers taking advantage of these new building uses!

Although some of you may have noticed my recent activity on the bug and suggestion forums, I've been mostly silent these past few weeks for various reasons. Part of the reason was personal and part was due to Steam's big summer sale which buried Xsyon's visibility on Steam and reduced traffic to our page to about 10% of normal. Because of this low traffic, I decided to simply concentrate on code and get things done.

Both the Infirmary and Welcome Station are ready to patch pending final tests. Other minor but important updates are ready and I will post regarding those this week.

I've also received the final AI code revisions and clarifications from the original coder, though much of his code will likely end up scrapped and replaced by code that I've been working on. I'm currently testing improved path finding and have done a lot of AI research these past few weeks. It's coming along well and I hope to finally put some of the creature updates to public tests by early next week.
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