Patch Notes 07.10.2015

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Infirmary Patch

- Time stamp added to chat messages.
- Building ‘roof’ parts can be assigned building uses.
- Removed all default start locations except for Founders Island. New players will primarily start at tribe centers with Welcome Stations (next patch).
- Previous default start locations will now be build-able areas.

Trading Post
- Trading Post items clear after 4 real days (36 game days) of not being sold.
- Global tab added to the Trading Post Panel allowing players to see items for sale at all Trading Posts across the game world.

- Corrected date founded display on the Town Panel
- Issue with removing cooking recipes not updating the recipe count until a data backup runs fixed.
- Grass armor patterns for items not yet in game removed from the Trading Post data table.

- The infirmary provides a location where players can revive for a price.
- Any stand-alone ‘room’ building or ‘roof’ part can be set as an infirmary.
- Can be placed by any tribe or homestead.
- One infirmary can be placed per tribe.
- The tribe leader can set a price and collect funds gathered from patients.
- Infirmaries without a price set do not function.
- Infirmary prices can be set between 0 and 100 dollars per revival.
- Infirmaries list recent patients who revived there.
- Infirmaries become inactive if no tribe members is active in game for more than 7 real days.

Death Revisions
- Death timer removed. The Revive Panel displays immediately on death. (for the Peace Server only).
- The Revive Panel presents a list of nearby infirmaries for the player to revive at.
- The 10 nearest infirmaries within 1000 meters are listed.
- The reviving player can select an infirmary (for a price) or choose to revive at their home location for free.
- If the reviving player does not have the funds to revive at an infirmary, they will revive at their home location.

- Guides are now equipped with a special panel allowing them easy teleporting to tribes and buildings with uses.
- Guides can revoke tribe building use privileges if they are abused.
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