Patch Notes 10.28.2015

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Welcome Station Patch

Welcome Stations
- The Welcome Station is a selectable starting point for new players.
- Any stand-alone ‘room’ building or ‘roof’ part can be set as Welcome Station.
- Can be placed by any tribe or homestead.
- One Welcome Station can be placed per tribe.
- A welcome message can be set by the tribe leader or players with ‘Set Messages’ permissions. This displays for new players during character creation.
- New players enter at the center of the Welcome Station.

Welcome Station Requirements
- Trade totem with at least 10 items for sale.
- Quest totem with at least 10 quests.
- Tribe must exist for 270 game days (1 real month).

Offline Tribe Joining
- Players can apply for tribe membership at the Welcome Station and leave a message.
- Players can apply to many tribes at the same time.
- A new ‘applicants’ tab has been add to the Town / Totem panel.
- The applicants tab lists all current tribe applications and displays messages from applicants.
- Tribe members with ‘invite’ permissions can accept or reject applicants through the Town panel.
- If online, the tribe leader receives a message that a player has applied.
- Players can view pending applications through their own Tribe Panel.
- Players can cancel pending applications through their own Tribe Panel.

Minor Improvements
- Global chat channel set as default.

Bug Fixes
- Player collision slightly revised to prevent players getting stuck running up ramps when frame rate is low.
- Issue with open container count not being reset when a player dies corrected.
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