Developer Update 11.21.2015

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Peace Server has been updated with a potential final fix for the server lockups that have been occurring from time to time (especially this past week). The War Server will be updated during the next maintenance.

For a long time, the server has been locking up roughly once a month. Although with each lock up I would obtain additional clues to the problem, it's been very difficult for me to locate the exact cause.

With the recent increased frequency of the server locking up, thanks to additional error checking and extensive log files I added this week, I was able to finally pin point a precise location in the code and reproduce the lock up.

The current build will log the problem when it happens, but reject the error and allow the server to continue unimpeded.

I hope this a final fix for this recurring problem! If so, this is a minor update, but a huge improvement!
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