Patch Notes 12.04.2015

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- Steam Overlay support added
- Keyboard input system revised (from Raw Input to Win32 Input) in order to support Steam Overlay functions.
- Floor collision improved to prevent players falling through gaps (in particular with corner floors).
- Boulder system optimized.

Bug Fixes
- Containers can be dropped on boulders (original report)
- Collision revised to prevent situations on trusses (original report)
- Containers stuck open fixed (original report)
- Objects not loading crossing zones likely fixed (original report)

New Architecture Parts
- Corner Railings (16 parts)
- Mason Yak and Len Post (better stacking mason posts)
- 8x8 Corner Floors (8 parts)
- 8x8 Cantilever Trusses (8 parts)
- 8x8 Corner Cantilever Trusses (8 parts)

Revised Architecture Parts
- Mason roofs adjusted to prevent or reduce flickering when overlapped.
- Pioneer sheet roof adjusted in order to line up better with base posts.

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