Developer Update 01.07.2016

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Hello Xsyon Citizens and welcome to all the new and returning players this busy week!

Some of you have already noticed the addition of Totem Time that can be purchased through your account page. Totem Time is entirely optional and simply keeps your player and tribe on both servers active without having to log in. It's also a way to lend a bit of extra support to Xsyon's development.

You can add Totem Time from your account page

I've had a flu this week so I'm just catching up with forum activities. Due to my state I spent the past few days focused on one main task - the Alt Tab crash

This is an old recurring issue that affects some players more than others. I personally have a tough time reproducing it. The situation has been improved for some players in the past but never entirely fixed.

At this point, I believe it's been resolved unless it's raining or snowing in game. I'm still working on those specific cases. The core issues were DirectX problems with needing to properly clear and restore resources when switching out of and back into full screen mode.

I'm hoping I can finally close this issue out this week!

As I'm feeling better now I've also resumed work on the Current Round of development.
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