Developer Update 03.14.2016

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

Xsyon is discounted 25% off this week (through Monday March 21st) as a welcome to this year's Event Season!

If you haven't yet read about this year's planned season, you can catch up with the details in our News section or check through the Event Calendar. The calendar is a work in progress as details for events later in the season still need to be added.

I've been running several tests on the Test Server and would appreciate your feedback.

First off, I'm planning to implement cash currency attached to your character (as in most games) instead of using dollar bills as a stack-able item in your backpack and baskets. The first step is to run scripts that assign cash amounts to each character based on the current ownership. If you would like help check this system, please read and post feedback in the current thread in the Developer Zone.

Secondly, I've been improving object occlusion and making optimizations to improve frame rate in most situations. More details on this are posted here

Your feedback on these changes is welcome!
Developer Updates