Developer Update 2016.08.25

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

Another quick update: I've been patching minor updates to both servers over the past two weeks.

These updates consist of ongoing server and client side optimizations. Over the course of this year I have optimized text functions, arrays and network packets for the entire game project. I am releasing these optimizations in steps in case there are any issues with a particular group of changes.

Although the individual optimizations may not be noticeable, these changes provide improved performance and speed and memory usage, in particular on the server side.

So far I've patched about 2/3 of the optimizations, mostly to the core portions of the game engine. Minor patches will continue over the next few weeks until all changes have been patched out!
Developer Updates


  1. Blazette's Avatar
    Keep up the good work, once you get down the sync issues the doors of opportunity will open.