Xsyon On Sale 50% Off This Week!

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This week, Xsyon is participating in Steam's Autumn Sale and is discounted 50% off. Take advantage of this sale to invite friends and grow your tribe!

In addition, here is some information from my Developer Update on the current state of development:

In the past I've released game updates as they're ready. This has resulted in active periods often followed by slow periods while I work on and test the next round of improvements. Unfortunately itís been difficult to keep a solid influx of new and returning players this way.

This year Iíve been working with a different approach. While Iíve released bug fixes, optimizations and minor changes, Iíve been saving up major features and improvements until I have many ready to go. With a series of important updates released on a regular monthly basis, I hope to build and keep a steady momentum to attract new players and entice past players to return to an active world of Xsyon.

The upcoming series of updates will include:

  • Continued heavy optimizations
  • Revised position and action synchronization
  • Creature AI revisions
  • Creature stat revisions
  • Creature path finding revised
  • Combat revisions
  • Animal Taming
  • Pets
  • Mounts
  • Artisan and Master weapons
  • Two handed weapons
  • Weapon bonuses revised
  • 40-50 Improvements based on Player Suggestions including a Party system
  • War Server territorial conquest system
  • Personal currency consolidation
  • Ranged Combat
  • First round of Achievements

Iím hoping to start rolling out these updates in January. Upon completion of these I will release Xsyon from Early Access on Steam!

Public testing will commence in a week or two, starting with creature revisions, synchronization, animal taming and many minor improvements. The Test Server is currently open and will remain open while I run specific tests.

When Iím ready for public feedback, I will post in the Developer Zone.

Thanks and enjoy Xsyon!