Xsyon Pre-Holiday Sale - 50% Off!

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The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG Xsyon is on sale again for 50% off in preparation for the Christmas and Holiday Season!

This sale will run from December 5 2016 to December 12 2016. Take advantage of this sale to join us as a new player, increase your tribe or send the gift of Xsyon (on Steam) to a friend!

In addition, here is a repeat of my most recent update:

In the past I've released game updates as they're ready. This has resulted in active periods often followed by slow periods while I work on and test the next round of improvements. Unfortunately itís been difficult to keep a solid influx of new and returning players this way.

This year Iíve been working with a different approach. While Iíve released bug fixes, optimizations and minor changes, Iíve been saving up major features and improvements until I have many ready to go. With a series of important updates released on a regular monthly basis, I hope to build and keep a steady momentum to attract new players and entice past players to return to an active world of Xsyon.

The upcoming series of updates will include:

Continued heavy optimizations
Revised position and action synchronization
Creature AI revisions
Creature stat revisions
Creature path finding revised
Combat revisions
Animal Taming
Artisan and Master weapons
Two handed weapons
Weapon bonuses revised
40-50 Improvements based on Player Suggestions including a Party system
War Server territorial conquest system
Personal currency consolidation
Ranged Combat
First round of Achievements

Iím hoping to start rolling out these updates in January. Upon completion of these I will release Xsyon from Early Access on Steam!

Public testing will commence by the end of the week, starting with creature revisions, synchronization, animal taming and many minor improvements.

This week, the Test Server is open as I primarily run stress tests on the revised creature AI and switch other improvements on and off.

When Iím ready for public feedback, I will post in the Developer Zone.

Thanks and enjoy Xsyon!