Developer Update 2017.02.03

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

We've been running final tests for several upcoming updates on the Test Server. I've started a few threads for feedback in the Developer Zone and will post a few more feedback threads this week.

I won't post any links at the moment as there are few reported issues (most reported through the help desk) that I need to work on this weekend.

I wasn't able to release a public patch yet as I planned. This is due to several reasons, part personal but also because I had to work on some imminent issues in January.

- Due to more and more players having issues with windowed mode using Windows 10 and especially with high screen resolutions, I put everything on hold while I revised the window mode code and added a much requested borderless window mode.

- Some of you may have noticed random spam on the forums almost daily. I've had to work on the back end of this site to put a damper on these spam attempts. The changes seemed to have worked for now.

- Bugs were reported off the forums and in my testing I uncovered exploits which needed immediate fixing.

So I'm a bit behind where I wanted to be but still have 4-5 updates nearly ready to go. I will post again (with links) once I have my next build ready for testing and a few more feedback threads up.
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