Xsyon' Spring Sale - 50% Off!

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Xsyon will be on sale for 50% off through May 1st!

Come join us or take advantage of the sale to increase your tribe size!

In addition, as posted before, I am working on a series of updates that will start to roll out once enough improvement are ready and tested so that I can maintain a steady flow of patches for a while.

In the past, as a lone developer, it's been difficult for me to patch regular updates. Big updates were often followed by slow periods, especially due to health issues I've had and an injury I sustained last year (I'm doing much better now!).

This has caused an ebb and flow of activity in game and I'd like to keep the game more consistently alive.

First, in May we will inaugurate a new Event Season in game. Events typically run on weekend and have included contests, races, maze running, fashion shows and trade fairs. The Event Season will run through the summer!

Next up, several patches are now ready and will start to roll out in May.

The upcoming series of updates will include (roughly in this order):

Continued heavy optimizations
Revised position and action synchronization
Creature AI revisions
Creature stat revisions
Creature path finding revised
Combat revisions
Animal Taming
Artisan and Master weapons
Two handed weapons
Weapon bonuses revised
Party System
50+ Improvements based on Player Suggestions
War Server territorial conquest system
Personal currency consolidation
Ranged Combat
First round of Achievements

Note: These improvements will come in a series of regular patches, not one massive update.

More information will be posted regularly on the Xsyon here and in the Developer Zone on the forums.