Patch Notes 05.10.2017

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Major optimization and preparation patch!

Server and client side arrays updated to use more optimal storage systems.
Server and client side text functions optimized.
Server side logging extensively improved.

Major changes
- Borderless windowed mode added.
- Regular windowed modes adjusted.
- Windows 10 compatibility issues improved.

Minor changes
- Trade, Craft and Quest inputs now allow for several punctuation marks.
- Proper blocking of changing Tribe Leaderís rank
- Trees do not spawn on junk, rock, roads
- Server disconnect warning improved

Bug Fixes
- Revised dropping back slot containers to prevent errors during a disconnect.
- Crash when typing in number of items to split a stack from a Trade Totem fixed.
- Corrected splitting a stack from a Trade Totem.
- Fixed problems with deleting a tribe rank. Should now set members to default rank.
- Tree collision on zone boundaries corrected.
- Locks / Permissions should display correctly in tool tips.
- Cooking recipes save correctly.
- Resolution issues corrected.
- Fixed issue causing trade items to be removed when attempting to remove tribe leader.
- Cycling through gender selection in character creation corrected
Patch Notes


  1. zymmie's Avatar
    I didn't know where else to post this so my apologies. Has UI issued been fixed yet? I still can't play Xsyon on my laptop. The higher the resolution the smaller and smaller UI gets. I have tried windowed, border-less and full screen. I have changed resolutions on my laptop to match game resolution. I have changed scaling of text, fonts and apps. Nothing is working. This is very frustrating. Full screen mouse doesn't work and game freezes. Font is so small I cant see it. Any suggestions?
    Again here is info on my laptop I'm using:
    Inspiron 7000 series with the following specs: Intel Core I7-6700HQ, 16GB of RAM, 1 TB HHD and 250GB SSD, A dual graphics Intel HD, and NVidia GTX 960M(4GB).