Developer Update 2017.06.22

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

Several things are in the works this week:

1) Xsyon's Summer Sale runs today through July 5th. Xsyon is 50% off through the site and Steam for the duration of this sale.

2) Xsyon's 2017 Event Season commences this Saturday! Details will be posted in another announcement and on the Event Calendar

3) I'm still working on some adjustments to the Optimization Patch that was released in May. This patch was the culmination of many months of minor and major changes to the code and data structures. Although the initial patch resulted in decreased performance due to some changes that had not been fully tested, subsequent minor patches resolved those issues. I have been collecting data and running tests and overall the optimizations are now working nicely with much faster server side processing as well as faster loading, collision and rendering on the client side.

4) Next up I am getting back to creature and feature updates! Some of these upcoming changes have already been tested but were switched off for the optimization patch. Once I have things back ready for a new round of tests I will post feedback requests in the Developer Zone.
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