Xsyon's 2017 Event Season Commences Saturday June 24th!

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Xsyonís 2017 Event Season commences this weekend!

The Event Season kicks off with a Capture the Flag PvP event, this Saturday, June 24th at 11:00 AM PST on the Peace Server.

We are happy to announce a schedule full of fun and challenging events for all players!

The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG's Guide and player run events this year will include:

- Capture the Flag Fortress
- Scavenging Contest
- Swim Meet
- Rodeo
- Costume Contest
- Feed the Bears
- Chicken Round Up
- Cart Races

... and more!

Events will take place at Founder's Isle, the Event Zone and various player tribes.

This year we are also planning a few regular events:
- weekly Tuesday Comedy Night
- weekly Thursday Scavenger Hunt
- monthly Saturday and Sunday Trade Fair

Players will earn tokens at these events that can be traded for in game goodies (blueprints, materials, special items).

All events including PvP events will take place first on the Peace Server with a follow up event on the War Server if enough players are present.

The full tentative Event Schedule will be posted later this week in the Event Calendar . This schedule will be adjusted to accommodate any newly submitted player run events.

If you would like to hold a player-run and Guide-assisted event at your tribe please check the Call For Player Led Events

If you would like a monthly Trade Fair to be held at your tribe location please contact us

All players are welcome. Come join the fun!