Developer Update 2018.01.05

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Winter Sale is now official over. A big welcome to all new players that joined during this time!

I've also updated the servers with my latest optimizations and preparations for future patches. There will be several small updates like this as I get ready for final tests on upcoming features.

Welcome to the new year and enjoy!
Developer Updates


  1. gdhthree's Avatar

    Over the Holidays I told several friends about the Xsyon sale. They were all going to join but didn't act fast enough. Is there any possibility you might extend that sale? I would love to have a few more players in game :)

    PS I'm returning after playing in 2011. I love that you have stayed around and think the improvements have came a long way since I last played. Really hoping I can play this game off and on for the duration. Thanks for creating this world :)