Developer Update 2018.04.09

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

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I updated the servers last night with database changes and more preparations for upcoming features. This should be the final patch with optimizations, preparations and crash fixes before we start testing upcoming features by the end of this month. I may have one more quick patch before then. We'll see!

The long awaited series of updates are near ready for public testing. This series is going to include:

- Fully revised creature AI including movement, positioning, path finding, health, damage and reactions. The new AI system is intended to be similar to the current AI but smoother and reliable and without any of the problems reported over the years. In general, small creatures will be easier to hunt with only the larger legendary creatures requiring groups to kill.

- Pets, taming and associated skills.

- Mounts, riding and associated skills.

- Suggestion Patch 1 - 20-25 improvements based on player suggestions.

- Suggestion Patch 2 - 20-25 improvements based on player suggestions.

- Currency system with dollars linked to each character and not as an inventory item.

- Architecture and crafting revised allowing for easier selection of materials and prediction of final results.

- Vanity pet system allowing players to freeze child pets in time and keep them as cute pets that don't age.

- Architecture part replacement allowing players to swap a building part with another similar part. For example, a wall could be replaced by another wall or a gate.

- Storehouses that allow players to store and have easy access to building materials.

- Animal breeding.

- Hall of Heroes and Hall of Legends where players can check out the current leader for certain skills and actions in their tribes or across the world.

These will be followed by combat revisions including testing of various combat styles before I decide on a final system.

I know all of these have been a long time in coming. Several of these updates are complete and I've done considerable work on the rest of them.

Optimizing the game, eliminating crashes, upgrading code to resolve conflicts with Windows 10 and newer drivers and putting data gathering systems in place have taken a priority but I'm finally ready to start rolling out these features.

I'm getting there and greatly appreciate your patience!
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  1. Nocte2402's Avatar
    Do we have an ETA when Taming will be released? I'm in great need of a game with good taming mechanics. There seems to be a lack of games with the mechanic. Taming will definitely bring me back to the game. Also I can't find a place in the forums for current features being tested, has that moved or been removed?