Patch Notes 07.13.2012 Undead Invade Xsyon!

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Undead Invade Xsyon!

Revenants spawn at totems at or beyond the Deserted stage.
Revenants haunt totems and may move on to haunt other isolated areas.
Revenants can loot weapons and armor from players they kill.
Revenants may have armor with bonuses. Bonuses increase as they gain power.

Totems will go through the following stages if no tribe members are active subscribers:

Neglected: This is a final warning stage and lets other players know that your tribe will soon start to decay.

Deserted: At this stage, bins and bundles left on the ground will be accessible to other players and the tribe will no longer be a safe zone. Containers can be opened but not taken. Revenants will begin to haunt deserted tribes. Revenants are aggressive creatures with the ability to loot players and equip what they steal!

Abandoned: At this stage, the tribe is on the verge of complete removal. Containers can be taken. Buildings will be accessible and Revenant spawns will increase.

Removed: At this point the Totem is removed, the land can by claimed and buildings can be dismantled. Claiming land will cause revenants to move on to other areas.

Creatures revised for better balance. Changes include adjustments to:
- Swing power
- Armor
- Damage done
- Base power at young ages
- Power increase over time and based on times in combat
- Hit boxes
- Aggressive and tame behavior
- Behavior based better on distance from target player
- Pathfinding around boulders and buildings
- Target selection during combat

- Tribes use square bounding areas instead of a circular radius.
- Quest goal item counts can be set to either 1000 or the maximum stack count of the goal item.
- Damage of Pre-Order weapons slightly reduced.
- Crafted item stat bonus power reduced and limited based on the type of armor part. Old parts exceeding the limits currently show old bonuses, but the correct reduced stats will apply.

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