Developer Update 2018.10.29

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

I've completed migrating and upgrading the server to use the latest versions of dependent software and libraries (primarily MySQL and DirectX). This was a grueling task as the old code relied on intermediate libraries that I had to remove or rewrite.

I will run specific tests to make sure everything is in working order for the next few days. If everything checks out we'll return to public testing of pets, mounts and other upcoming features!

The Test Server is currently up with upcoming features (noted in the Developer Zone section of the forums) turned on. Players are free to check everything out, although I'm not quite ready for public feedback yet as I do need to complete my tests to ensure that all the upgrades are functioning properly.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy!
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  1. MrDDT's Avatar
    Thanks for the update excited to see the big changes.