Autumn Sale! (50% Off)

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

Xsyon is on sale this week again (50% off) during Steam's Autumn Sale!

It's a good time to join Xsyon, invite your friends and grow your tribes!

The Test Server is currently open to the public. Several updates are being tested, including upcoming Pets, Mounts and many improvements based on players suggestions.

Please check out the Developer Zone for full details.

The current Test Server build includes major revisions to the database code and uses updated base libraries. If anything seems oddly different than what's on the Main Servers, please alert me in this thread in the Developer Zone.

My next update which includes the Stables building use (allowing players to keep multiple pets and mounts) and advancing the Pet and Mounts systems is nearly ready and I hope to open this update to the public after this holiday weekend.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to all our American players!