Developer Update 2019.03.18

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Hello everyone!

The servers are currently down (at 9:15 AM PST) for a patch. I am updating the database and software that Xsyon depends on. This is the final preparation patch before I start rolling out new features including pets and mounts and many other upcoming improvements.

The servers may be down for several hours as there is a lot to upgrade and check today.


Edit 9:00 PM PST: The Game Servers are working properly but I'm still working on issues with the Patch Server. I'm making progress but it's still going to take a while. If it takes too long I will at least release the patch through Steam that bypasses the Xsyon Patch Server as it should work.

I'll keep you all posted as things are coming along.

Edit 1:00 AM PST March 19: The Servers are up now and players can play through Steam!

I am still working on the Xsyon Patch Server. As it's getting late I may have to complete the Patch Server changes tomorrow. For now, I'm going to spend another few hours trying to get it up and running.

I'll also continue to check the servers to make sure everything is running properly.

Edit 1:20 AM PST March 19: Good news! Everything is up and running. I'll keep checking to make sure there are no problems.


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    Thank you for your outstanding dedication to this Community!