Developer Update 2019.06.24

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

I am upgrading the servers this week. The new Test Server and Download Server are already up and running. Next up I will move the War and Peace Servers and then back to working on updates!

This upgrade will require a new Xsyon Launcher. The new launcher will be available in the download section of your account page shortly. A notice will be posted in the current launcher window when the new version is ready.

This was brought on by the Test Server starting to fail last week. As I looked into a new machine I saw that I could upgrade all the servers to better, faster machines at a lower cost.

As a bonus, the new servers should be able to handle more creatures and process creature AI faster which will go great with the upcoming updates.

Developer Updates


  1. znaiika's Avatar
    Sounds good to me, well done.