Developer Update 2020.03.25

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The first of many upcoming patches is ready for final testing!

This patch is a complete revision of creature AI including path-finding, combat and the migration system. Both the server and client have been optimized allowing for more creatures to be processed at a much faster rate.

Movements and animations are much smoother. Synchronization between players and npcs is vastly improved. Variables are adjusted so that new survivors can find some easy critters to hunt while veterans can still find a challenge.

You are all welcome to check things out on the Test Server!

Once this build seems satisfactory - bugs fixed and variables balanced based on player feedback - it will go live as the first patch in a series.

Thanks for all your patience while I reworked these major systems. We're finally getting there!

Feel free to join the Feedback Discussion and let us know if you find any problems or think something can be better balanced or improved.

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