Patch Notes 2020.06.01

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Creature AI

- Creatures age and power reset for a more even distribution.
- Creature reactions to players and player actions redone.
- Creature damage, life and stats rebalanced.
- Creature display name reflects sex, age and combat power of creature.
- Creature health restoration revised (currently not affected by creature hunger or thirst).
- Easier hunting of small creatures.
- Slopes affect creature movement.
- Creatures increase in power faster, more legendary creatures.
- Creature animation and movement smoothness optimized.
- Creature migration ensures that zones are populated and runs always.
- Creature migration ensures plenty of easy to kill critters around the lake.
- Creature migration now runs constantly instead of during server maintenance.
- Creatures die if they reach old age and have low combat power.
- Dead bodies take longer to decay (8 minutes) to allow a longer looting period.
- Creatures that reach ‘legendary’ status can be named by the first player that encounters them.

Creature Path-finding
- Slopes affect creature movement speed.
- Steep slopes cause creatures to find an alternate path.
- Blocking map completely revised to properly prevent creatures going through walls.
- Creatures should avoid and stay away from players on boulders and buildings.
- Creatures have height value in combat.
- Creatures should not be able to attack players on a wall.

- Parry feature implemented.
- A successful parry stuns your opponent.
- Parry uses agility and dexterity.
- Dodge skill re-implemented.
- Dodge skill controls sidestepping speed during combat for avoiding attacks.
- Swing power adjusted.
- Creatures spin slower to allow for dodged attacks.
- Creatures do reduced damage for indirect attacks.

Combat Aggro and Threat
- New aggro / threat system for creatures.
- Aggro can increase or decreases based on creature random reactions.
- Aggro increases greatly when creatures is struck in combat.
- Aggro increases greatest when first attacked by an opponent.
- Applied threat is based on weapon type to allow for tanking.

- Position command synchronization between clients and the server completely redone and optimized.
- Other players and creatures in motion should better match their correct positions without sliding or erratic motions.

- AI processing optimized allowing for more creatures updates and more updates per second.
- All server side loops have been optimized.
- Data arrays throughout the client and server game code have been replaced with more optimized versions.

- Players can select creatures and objects while moving.
- Dropping objects on ground near sunken boulders or buildings should properly place the object on the ground.
- Tool tips displays base weapon damage as adjusted by the quality and durability of the weapon.

Note: As this patch is the culmination of rewriting large parts of the game code there may be other changes and optimizations not specifically listed above.
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