Patch Notes 2020.07.23

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- Pets can be tamed based on the playerís skill, stats and the attitude of the creature.
- Pets become more difficult to tame as they age and increase in power.
- Creatures in the wild can be fed to increase their attitude toward the player.
- Available foods are gathered to a feeding panel so that players donít have to sort through packs.
- Creatures have different reactions towards foods they love, like and dislike.
- Pets can be named.
- Players can have up to 10 pets per character, based on their taming skill.
- Pets can be stables and displayed in their stables.
- Players can have one active companion pet at a time.

- Life for mutants greatly increased.
- Damage done by creatures balanced based on feedback.
- Scale of creatures, especially mutants, adjusted.
- Situations where creatures could find paths through walls fixed.
- Situations where large creatures could be attacked through walls fixed.
- Creature combat in water corrected.
- Hunting command buttons turn on and off based on distance.
- Creature reactions revised based on feedback.

Path Finding
- Pathing around boulders redone to be more accurate.

- Parry drops automatically after a hit and successful parry.
- Armor damage absorption increased.
- Decay in combat of armor decreased and adjusted based on different armor types.
- Decay in combat of weapons adjusted based on different weapon types.
- Attack delay removed.
Patch Notes