Pets Are Here!

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The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG Xsyon has released a very long awaited feature - Pets!

In celebration, Xsyon is on massive sale (less than 10 bucks) for the next two weeks.

Players can now feed and tame creatures in the wild. These pets can follow basic commands and be kept and displayed in player built stables.

This latest patch is one in a series of patches focused around creatures, combat and improvements to the game based on the suggestions of players.

Prior to this, Xsyons creature AI system and synchronization was completely redone. Combat was revised to be more responsive and include newly implemented parry and dodge actions. Creatures can breed, grow powerful with age and combat experience, migrate around the world and mutate. Powerful creatures can be given unique legendary names by players that encounter them.

Upcoming patches will include:
- Attack commands for pets and pet vs pet combat.
- Stable variants
- Mounts
- Animal breeding
- Artisan and Master Weapons
- Achievements
- Improvements and minor features based on player suggestions and requests.
- Much more!

This patch series is the culmination of two years of hard work and I thank all you Xsyon players for your patience and assistance with testing and feedback.