Patch Notes 2020.09.01

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- Tamed bear and deer can be mounted.
- Mounts increase your movement speed.
- Riding skill implemented. Increased skill increases your mounted speed.
- Players can pull carts while mounted.

User Interface
- Revised and simplified user interface implemented.
- The revised interface is based on action bars with icons that can be selected or assigned to a hot key.
- The new tool action bar holds default tools used for actions requiring tools such as logging, hunting and fishing.
- Action bars can be oriented horizontally or vertically via the Options Panel.
- Key bind panel redone with more assignable hot keys.
- Swing power gauge (with the lightning icon) now displays XP.
- Handles for moving panels (such as pack and pouch panels) adjusted so that the panels can be moved only by selecting the top bar.
- Fire starting uses the same blade assigned for hunting actions.

- Mutant pets have greatly reduced stats compared to mutants in the wild.
- All pets have some reduced combat stats compared to animals in the wild.
- Only children mutants can be tamed.
- Mutant pets released to the wild revert to standard stats.
- Skill required for taming mutant children increased.
- Taming slightly revised to rely more on skill and stats and less on food.
- Pets sent home are properly removed from sight.
- Pet attacks properly implemented.
- Pets on the War Server can die permanently.
- Pets on the Peace Server stay unconscious for two minutes then revive with low health.
- Actions for unconscious pets blocked.
- Issues with stables fixed.

- Combat between creatures and players on slopes adjusted. This needs some further adjustment.
- Path finding functions further optimized for speed.

- Migration now sends creatures trapped on tribe lands to their home locations.
- Migration path finding improved to avoid creatures getting stuck at long walls.
- Creatures with home locations on tribe land find new off tribe land homes.

- Problem causing random infrequent server freezes potentially fixed.
- Unignore command fixed.
- Several arrays on the client side optimized.
- Several client side functions revised in preparation for a future upgrade to DirectX.
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