Mounts Are Here!

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Mounts have arrived in the world of the apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG Xsyon!

Recently the taming and keeping of pets was added to the game. Now, several pet types can be mounted and ridden.

Pets can also assist in combat to attack creatures in the wild and, on the War Server, other players.

In addition, the user interface has been revised and simplified based on player feedback. Actions requiring tools now auto-equip the required tools assigned to each action. Cumbersome panels have been removed and replaced by simpler action bars. Action bars can be placed and orientated based on the custom desires of individual players. Key binds can be assigned to nearly all in game actions.

The arrival of mounts is one of many long awaited features to be recently added to the game. Recent improvements include:

- Fully redone AI system, including greatly improved path finding and reactions.
- Redone net commands to synchronize player and creature movements and actions.
- Revised combat included greater responsiveness and newly implemented parry and dodge actions.
- Re-balancing stats of all in game creatures. Creatures can breed, grow powerful with age and combat experience.
- Animal taming and pets.
- Stables for keeping and displaying multiple pets.
- Creature migration system ensuring that creatures can be found throughout the game world.
- Naming of legendary creatures by players.

Many more improvements are in the works and ready for final tests before going live. Patches will continue to roll out every 2 to 4 weeks. Upcoming patches will include:

- Additional stable styles, sizes and functions
- Animal breeding and trading
- Further user interface improvements and customization
- Artisan and Master Weapons
- Ranged combat
- Achievements
- Improvements and minor features based on player suggestions and requests
- Much more!

This patch series is the culmination of two years of hard work and I thank all you Xsyon players for your patience and assistance with testing and feedback.


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    Thanks, these are so awesome!