Patch Notes 2020.09.22

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New Features

- Totem can be rotated (using the right click selection menu).
- Invite to tribe using right click drop down menu when selecting another player.
- Separate Town / Territory Name can be set through the Town Panel at your totem.
- Change Tribe Name from Town Panel.
- Y/N works at discard prompt / confirm prompts.
- Roof protects from rain all the way down.
- Permissions by rank.
- Gate Locks by rank.
- Display / tooltip for Female / Male only Armor.
- Min max arrows in crafting panel.
- Display Tribe Leader in Town Member Panel.
- Promote New Tribe Leader function from Town Panel.
- Plowed Land Decays over time and can revert to dirt or grass.
- Global Trade Displays Item Location as: Zone X Z.
- Text in Trade Totem columns center aligned.
- Forming parties from the Social Panel, Party tab.
- Party chat channel to talk to party members only. Type /p to enter the channel.
- Tribe actions available through Social Panel, Tribe tab.
- Invite to Party by name through the Social Panel.
- Invite to Tribe by name (from the Tribe and Social Panels)
- Invite to Tribe and Party using chat commands: /invite name for Party and /tinvite name for Tribe.
- Tribe ally chat channel. Type /a to enter the channel.
- Logout button (in Escape Panel).
- Show only Online Social members.
- XP gauge displays ‘xp’ instead of lightning bolt.
- Creature bounds and scales adjusted.
- Farming panel turned back on when starting the plow / farming action.

Bug Fixes

- Tools (weapons) used for action such as weapons fixed to display only the used tool (weapon) during the action.
- Issue with bins moved in your cart while mounted causing ghost duplicated bins fixed.
- Architecture functions blocked while mounted.
- Incorrectly active Welcome Stations set to inactive.
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