Xsyon Releases A Big Improvement Patch!

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As part of an ongoing series of patches, the apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG Xsyon has been updated with many improvements based on players’ requests and suggestions.

These improvements include:

- The formation of Parties
- Promotion of tribe leaders.
- Expanded permissions, including tribal permissions by tribe rank.
- Naming of town regions apart from tribes.
- Easier invite functionality to tribes and other groups.
- More chat channels.
- Location displayed for items sold by nearby trade totem.
- Many minor interface improvements.
- Many minor bug fixes.
- Further code optimizations for speed and stability.

This patch is the continuation of a series of patches that so far has included:

- Fully revised creature AI and path-finding.
- Revised combat including proper dodging and parrying skills.
- Redone position and action synchronization system.
- Pets, including pet combat.
- Mounts, including pulling carts while mounted.
- Streamlined user interface.

Upcoming patches in this series will include:

- Stables of various styles and sizes.
- Additional stable functions.
- Ranged combat.
- Animal breeding.
- Artisan and Master Weapons.
- Achievements.
- More improvements and minor features based on player suggestions and requests.
- Much more!

This patch series is the culmination of several years of hard work and I thank all you Xsyon players for your patience and assistance with testing and feedback. Patches will continue to be released on a regular basis.

We hope to see you in Xsyon!

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