Developer Update 2020.10.29

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

I've been very busy over the past several weeks and would like to update everyone on what is in the works.

The next big feature on my list is ranged combat (bows). Ranged combat is a long awaited feature that had been started way back when Xsyon first launched but the old code was scrapped and I started from scratch to create a system that fits with the current code. I'm about 75% done with what needs to be finished before public testing.

Before ranged combat is released there will be at least one patch of improvements based on suggestions. It will include around 20 items from the suggestions list focused on changes to the interface.

The next patch will also include bug fixes and tweaks based on feedback from the recent pets and mounts patches.

The most time consuming feature I am currently working on is scaling for the interface. As originally the interface code was not set up for scaling at all, this has been taking up the bulk of my time over the past two weeks. Interface scaling will definitely be implemented in the next patch.

In addition I have been updating the website code due to changes in PHP. This doesn't result in any visible changes but it's necessary to keep up with the changes.

Overall, things are coming along and we should be testing upcoming changes within the next two weeks or so.

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