Developer Update 2020.11.27

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Test Server is up and running with the latest patch, ready for final testing!

This next patch focuses on improvements based on suggestions made by players over the years. This includes rescaling the user interface, which ended up being a big task but one that I'm glad to finally get out of the way. Players running the game at high resolutions will definitely put this to use!

All the interface functions and elements will be easier to further adjust in the future if needed.

A full list of features in this patch are listed on the Xsyon forums here

All players are welcome to provide feedback on this patch before it goes live to main servers.

With this patch out of the way I am back to working on ranged combat and other combat improvements, although I will keep adding minor changes based on player suggestions as well.

Developer Updates


  1. newedition04's Avatar
    please make totem movable add house windows. would be nice to be able to max out all skills. in game map and more tar spots. but keep up the good work game is amazing.