Patch Notes 2020.12.04

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New Features

- User Interface can be scaled up to 200% in increments.

- Stats and Skills display with 2 decimal places.
- Containers can be dragged between a cart and a building.
- You can pick up containers and bundles directly to your cart.
- Text on buttons is yellow when button is highlighted or clicked.
- Animal Materials indicate their power with a colored name.
- Chop large log to small action implemented.
- Your tribe name shows in the Inventory panel.
- You can destroy fallen trees directly without chopping them into logs.
- Patchwork Cloth Tarp pattern set up to create tarps from various materials.
- Patchwork Leather Tarp pattern set up.
- Boulders of any size on tribe lands can be removed.
- Key binds for number pad keys display as N# instead of NumPad#.
- Pets display the name of their owner when selected.
- Setting to always display HP numbers for selected creatures.
- Increased the size of the selected object / creature title bar.
- Icons in containers are tinted based on itemís rarity or power.
- Online tribe member names display in blue in Town Panel member list.
- Partial food can be eaten to fill up your hunger bar.
- Number of guts from innards doubled.
- Key bind and action for Sprint Always allows players to sprint if possible.
- Architecture placing ghosts is now instantaneous with no animation.
- Quality and Durability numbers display on Vendor (Trade Totem) items.
- Character selection / enter panel reorganized.
- Option to turn ping display on / off implemented.

Bug Fixes

- Taming messages corrected.
- Taming animation while swimming corrected.
- Feeding animation while swimming corrected.
- Trade item price updates when typing a price for a new item for sale.
- Text input for Quest descriptions improved.
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