Developer Update 2021.02.01

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Hello Xsyon Citizens!

I would just like to give you a current update of what is in the works.

1) Website backend

Iím getting the website updated to work with the latest version of PHP and other backend software. This won't change anything noticeable with the site but it needs to be done. I've patched some of the updated files but most of the changes are on a mirror of the website that I am using to ensure the required changes don't cause any issues or interruptions to the live site.

2) Bows

I still have a few steps to finish for this but Iím working a bit on it every other day and bows should be ready for public testing within the next few weeks.

3) DirectX

This is another necessary and very time consuming update. Iím spending about half my time on this major update from DirectX 9.c to DirectX 11 and 12. 11 and 12 are similar enough that I should be able to allow players to choose between these when Iím done. This update is going to take a while as it requires an overhaul of all the graphics code but it will improve performance and set things up for improved graphics when itís done.

Once the graphics have been updated to these more recent versions of DirectX I will be able to implement requested visual improvements such as more dynamic lights, effects and improved terrain and environmental graphics.

4) Bugs

I am continuing to fix outstanding glitches with the recent patches and bugs on the forums. A few things are still being reported and there are around 10 open bug reports. Iíd like to get them all closed out in addition to issues that get reported directly to me and through crash logs.

5) Interface and interaction

One of my current main focuses is to continue improving the interface and simplifying or speeding up the more time consuming game actions so that players can focus on the more enjoyable and creative aspects of the game.

I have been checking out other 'sandbox' and 'survival' games that new players tend to compare with Xsyon and taking notes on changes I can make to make Xsyon more accommodating to new players and more streamlined for veteran players.

Once bows are in game and basic actions are made more user-friendly I will finally remove Xsyon from Early Access on Steam although Xsyon will continue to evolve, add features and improve over time as usual!

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