Patch Notes 2021.06.23

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Interface Update

- New Crafting Panel
-- Panel automatically displays all materials currently available in the player's packs for the active scheme. Players no longer have to search through their packs for tools and materials.
-- The currently selected scheme displays the final bonuses an object will receive based on the input tools and materials. This allows players to know exactly what their results will be before they craft an object.

- Top Menu Option
-- This option, available in the Options panel and set as the default for new players displays interaction buttons for a currently selected building, item, creature or player at the top of the screen without requiring the player to right click to select an action. All actions available are displayed and available until the player deselects the currently selected object.
-- For players that prefer the older right click menu, this legacy option is still available.

- Active Mode Interactions
-- Pressing and holding E while in combat mode (now called Active Mode) selects an object and displays options for interacting with the selected object. (Previously, players could interact with objects only in Passive non combat mode)

- Pressing the Escape Key deselects the currently selected object.
- Pressing the Escape Key without an object selected opens or closes the Exit / Logout Panel.
- Animations removed for some quick actions including opening containers, settings permissions and settings locks.
- Releasing left click when both right and left buttons are held down (used for movement) won’t deselect a currently selected object.
- Using a cart auto closes the cart and open cart containers.
- Hot keys available for Pet Commands. These keys can be set in the Keybinds Panel.
- Hot keys available for opening and closing packs. These keys can be set in the Keybinds Panel.
- The turn commands (previously assigned to Q and E) have been removed as they are not necessary and not typically used.
- Crafting and interaction commands revised on the server for improved speed and functionality.

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